First Week: Mrs. Hosford’s Reflections

What an amazing group of students I have the privilege to teach! It’s been a busy week for everyone, and I’ve loved getting to know my students. You are all such individuals. Funny, different, intelligent, quirky, lovable, and talkative are just a few adjectives that come to mind when I think of you.

We had our first assessment on Friday and some of you did very well! Our “Words to Know” were: referred, restaurant, knowledge, privilege, argument.¬†Please go to Spelling City:¬† to study these words if you did not make a 100 on Friday’s quiz. There will be a retest on Friday, August 14 for those students who did not make a 100.

Parents, please make sure to return your signed syllabus slip with parent/guardian contact. The syllabus for my class will go out tomorrow, August 10th. I will also be sending out a “Bloomz” invite to you within the next week. “Bloomz” is a free app that will help me connect with you about upcoming events such as field trips, parent conferences, Spirit night, Open House, etc.

August 10-14 Lessons: Getting to know the Media Center, Independent Reading, Bubble Maps, Plot, Characterization, Parts of Speech, Types of Sentences.

We will be going to the Media Center on Monday to pick out a student choice novel. Students are expected to read 30 minutes a night, 5 nights a week, and record their reading in their Reading Logs. Parents, please sign Reading Logs and help encourage reading at home. Students are expected to complete their book project by Monday, August 31, 2015. Students will have time in class next week to begin their book project, which is a multimedia project using Power Point, Prezi, or other electronic presentation. Please remind your child to continue to work on this project at home and to read in their novel on a nightly basis. Thank you!

This week we continue to examine and identify plot elements, parts of speech, and types of sentences. We will also write a short essay about the plot in Sandra Cisneros’s short story, “Eleven.” I’m looking forward to a great week!


Christina Hosford


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2 thoughts on “First Week: Mrs. Hosford’s Reflections

  1. Hello Ms. Hosford,

    Jamese and I reviewed her vocabulary test from 8/7/15 and she didn’t make a 100 or passing grade. Would it be possible for Jamese to retake the test this Friday on 8/21/15 since she wasn’t able to retake the test last Friday 8/14 due to her recovery from the procedure at Children’s Hospital?


    Angela Mincey

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