Week of September 5

Homework for the week: Paragraph over “Favorite Relative” is due Friday September 8th.

Tuesday September 5th

Video Journal of the Day:

What are some things you are grateful for after watching this video? Do you ever complain about something that isn’t really a big deal?

Work Session: Students will begin typing their rough draft (from Flee map).

Wednesday September 6th

Video Journal of the  day: The message of this video is “change your words, change your world”.  What do you think this means?  Give examples from your life to explain.

Work Session: Students will revise personal narratives and typing their papers on laptops.See page 49 in Springboard  textbook for rubric.

Thursday September 7th

Video Journal Warm Up: What job would you love to have if money was no object?  Choose something you are passionate about, and explain why you would choose that job.

Work Session: Students will finish revising personal narratives and typing their papers on laptops.See page 49 in Springboard  textbook for rubric.

Friday September 8th

Video Journal Warm Up: What does music mean to you?

Personal narratives are due today. See page 49 in Springboard  textbook for rubric.(Embedded Assessment number 1) This is the first major test grade.

Work Session: Students present their personal narratives and take notes on presenters. (optional to present) Students who choose to read their personal narratives will receive extra credit on their assignment of 5 points.

Week of August 29

Homework: Labor Day Paragraph of the Week. Due Friday, September 1.

Labor Day

On September 3, 1894, President Grover Cleveland proclaimed the first national observance of Labor Day. At this time the holiday honored only federal workers in all the states and The District of Columbia. Today Labor Day is celebrated the first Monday in September and recognizes all those who labor. The word “labor” is derived from the Latin and means “to be tired.” Labor can be physical or mental toil, but more commonly refers to physical exertion for the purpose of supplying material wants.

This week, in celebration of Labor Day, you are to write a paragraph in which you discuss the need to recognize how working people contribute to our society. On the back of this sheet make a list of jobs. Next to each, briefly describe how the job effects all of society.

___ 5-8 sentences, including a topic and concluding sentence
___ five elements of good writing; focus on PURPOSE and IDEAS
___ clearly reworked rough draft
___ final is neat and written in ink
___ all three papers stapled together with final on top

Video Warm Ups for the Week:

Monday: Do you think that video games have a negative effect on teens?  Why or

why not?

Tuesday: Do you think cell phones have a place in the classroom? Why or why not?

Wednesday: What would you do if you had a million dollars? Explain and give reasons for

your choice.

Thursday: What are most scared of?  Explain where you think this fear came from.

Friday: What is the main message of this video? Why is this an important message to understand?

Classwork for the week

Monday: This week students will finish reading “The Jacket” in the Springboard textbook, p. 30-32 and look for similes and metaphors.

Tuesday: Students will complete page 32, questions 1-3.

Wednesday: Students will begin creating their own narratives; completing page 36-37

Thursday: Students will complete page 38 and begin the FLEE MAP

Friday: Media Center  and finish FLEE MAP.

Week of August 21

Video Journal Warm Up: Will be collected for a grade on Friday.

Monday: Have you ever felt like giving up? Give an example and describe how you dealt with this.

Tuesday: Do you think you are critical of your appearance?  Do you think others would be just as critical or not?

Wednesday: What are the qualities someone must demonstrate to be called a hero?

Thursday: What is something that your parent/guardian does that makes you laugh?

Friday: Do you think cyber bulling is a problem at our school?  Why or why not?


Homework: DUE FRIDAY


For English this week you will be writing a paragraph that is an autobiography. Remember an autobiography is the story of your life. Since you will only be writing one paragraph, you will need to focus on only the important things about you. You may want to make a list of ideas or create a web to help you plan your thoughts. A timeline might also be helpful. Feel free to use the back of this sheet to make your plans.


_____ 1. Name on your paper and heading correct?
_____ 2. Did you use correct paragraph format?
_____ 3. Did you work on getting everything spelled and punctuated correctly?
_____ 4. Did you focus on the five areas of GOOD WRITING especially PURPOSE?
_____ 5. Use 5-8 sentences (including topic and concluding sentence)
_____ 6. Is your final written neatly in ink?
_____ 7. Did you staple all three of your papers together with your final on top?


Learning Target:

Analyze how the response in a personal narrative contributes to the development of the story.

Identify and use an organizational structure to develop ideas and events in a personal narrative.


Activity 1.4 Students will read “SuperPowers” and annotate text (p. 15-18) Students will discuss Incident (cause), Response (effect), and Reflection (the lessons the narrator learned from this experience.

Activity 1.5 Students will read “Flipped” p. 19-25 and answer comprehension questions.

Activity 1.6 Students will read “The Jacket” p. 30-35 annotating figurative language (metaphors and similes).

Week 3: August 14-18

Students begin working in the Springboard textbooks. All students will be  issued a textbook of their own as soon as we receive them. Replacement books are eighty dollars so please do not lose them.

Our learning target is to discover what makes a narrative. Students will read and annotate “The Circuit,” a narrative by Francisco Jimenez. This story is about the author’s life as a young boy and his family’s work as sharecroppers.As we read, we will underline words that indicate sequence, put a star next to changes the character experiences, and circle unknown words. Students will also answer comprehension questions about the text to turn in as a grade.

Students have homework this week that is due Friday: They are to write a paragraph about returning to school. Papers should have a circle map (for brainstorming), a rough draft, and a final draft. The final draft should be signed by the parent/guardian and written in blue or black ink.

Friday students will take the Scholastic Reading Index (SRI) to determine Lexile scores. Students should write down titles and books that appear at the end of the test. Students are expected to read independently, twenty minutes a night and it is strongly recommended that students read twenty books by the end of the school year.




Week 2: August 7-11

Students watched the following video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBtFTF2ii7U and answered the following question: What does this story tell us  about friendship?


Students placed this in their 3 ring binder in the “warm up” section. These will be collected on Friday for a grade. Responses should be at least 5 sentences, capitalized, and punctuated.


Students took notes in their interactive notebook (I.A.N) over the parts of speech:

  1. Noun- a person, place, or thing. Examples: chair   (common noun)  Mrs. Hosford (proper noun)
  2. Adjective- a word that describes a noun. Example: small, tall, loud, yellow, beautiful
  3. Adverb- modifies a verb and usually ends in -ly  Example: quickly, slowly
  4. Verb- shows action, describes a state of being, or is a linking verb: jump, love, is, am
  5. Pronoun- Words that replace nouns. Example: She, He, They, Them, US
  6. Conjunction: Words that join phrases and clauses (FAN BOYS) For, and, nor, but, or, yet, so
  7. Interjections: Words that show excitement

Materials Needed for ELA

Bring to class each day:

Spiral notebook or composition notebook

3 Ring Binder with the following sections:

1. Warm Ups

2. Tests/Quizzes

3. Homework

4. Essays/Projects

5. Notes



Kid friendly scissors

Colored pencils or markers

Glue stick or tape

Homeroom students: Please bring in tissues, Clorex wipes, paper towel,  Band-Aids for our class. Thank you in advance.


Welcome Back Students!

Monday, July 31: Students write an introductory paragraph about themselves and learn about R. E. P. (Respect, Effort, Pride) at ECMS

Homework: Homeroom students are to get forms signed and turned in. No homework for ELA.


Tuesday, August 1: The teacher review the syllabus and students create “About Me” flip books.

Homework: Bring in materials next Monday, August 7th (spiral or composition notebook, 3 ring binder, pens, scissors, glue, colored pencils, mechanical pencils)


Wednesday, August 2: The teacher review the syllabus, procedures, and expectations as well as introduce themselves to their peers and teacher(s).

Homework: Bring in materials next Monday, August 7th (spiral or composition notebook, 3 ring binder, pens, scissors, glue, colored pencils, mechanical pencils)


Thursday, August 3: The class will go to the media center for library orientation.

Homework: Bring in materials next Monday, August 7th (spiral or composition notebook, 3 ring binder, pens, scissors, glue, colored pencils, mechanical pencils)


Friday, August 4: Students will identify goals for themselves for the school year and their future. Begin Grammar work.

Homework: Bring in materials next Monday, August 7th (spiral or composition notebook, 3 ring binder, pens, scissors, glue, colored pencils, mechanical pencils)


Week at a Glance: April 17-21

Monday: Students will complete practice test questions for Milestone

Tuesday: Review Figurative LanguageComprehensivePowerpoint

Wednesday: Milestone Testing Part 1 of ELA. Practice Assessment for Milestone over poetry. BRING NUMBER 2 PENCILS TO CLASS AND PUT CELL PHONES ON SILENT AND IN LOCKER.

Thursday: Milestone Testing Part 2 of ELA.

Friday: Begin reading, “The Giver” by Lois Lowry.

Milestone Info



Some multiple choice questions may have more than one answer.

Get a good night’s sleep…start this week.

Eat a good breakfast.

Don’t stress…just do your best.


ELA test will be given:

Wednesday, April 19th. ELA section1 (70 minute minimum time; 90 maximum time)

Thursday, April 20th.ELA section 2, ELA section 3 (75 minutes maximum time)

Friday, April 21st- ELA makeups


Math test will be given:

Monday, April 24 Math section 1 (85 minutes Maximum per section)

Tuesday, April 25th Math section 2 (85 minutes Maximum per section)

Wednesday, April 26th and Thursday, April 27th makeups