Week of December 11

Monday: No School

Tuesday-Thursday: Students are working on embedded assessment in Unit 2., page 131 and 132 in Springboard books. Completed embedded assessment due at the beginning of class on Friday, December 15.

Friday: SRI test Scholastic Reading Inventory. Please emphasize the importance for your child to do their very best.

Homework: Students have until Monday to turn in their Paragraph of the Week (Due December 18th)   Paragraph of the Week Topic: Suppose you could wish for a gift for someone else this Christmas, and you knew that your wish would be granted in a special or magical way. Your gift could be an object, or it might be for something to happen, or for someone to have a special ability. Your wish may involve money, but only if it is used  to bring about happiness for someone else.

Choose one wish to use as the topic for your Paragraph of the Week. Tell what you would wish for, who would be the receiver of your gift, and why you would wish wish for that person to receive this gift. Write two paragraphs about this wish.

Donations and Volunteer Opportunities: Please consider donating pencils, bean bags, and/or over-sized pillows for alternative seating. Also, let me know if you’d like to come in to help students by working with them one on one to edit student work. Please contact me at christina.hosford@cobbk12.org to set this up (particularly for January-March). THANK YOU!

Remediation: Students with “O” in the grade book may complete Language Arts activities assigned on Moby Max. Please encourage your child to complete these activities by December 18 so that I may enter them into the grade book. Thank you for your on-going support in your child’s education.


Week of December 4


Homework: Holiday Smells. For English this week, you are to concentrate on the smells of the holidays. Make a list of all the smells that you associate with the holidays. Then choose one of the smells and develop two paragraphs about that one smell. Perhaps you will want to explain where you are when you find the smell, or maybe you’ll want to tell what you are doing or who is with you. try to make your reader actually experience that smell. Use figurative language to make you descriptions vivid. Be sure to use a good topic sentence that will interest us and make us want to read your paragraphs.

Daily  Work: Kahoot over Maniac McGhee and Moby Max (Reading Informational Text).

Tuesday: Students will watch segments from Up and analyze  the film for internal and external conflict. Students will work in the Springboard textbook on pages p. 121-122

Wednesday: Finish reading independent novel (Walk Two Moons or Maniac Mcghee) and complete pages 125-126.

Thursday: Continue working in literature circles p. 125-127 in Springboard textbook.

Friday: Begin working on FLEE map for embedded assessment 1

Paragraph of the Week (Holiday Smells) due today.

Remediation: Students with “O” in the grade book may complete Language Arts activities assigned on Moby Max. Please encourage your child to complete these activities by December 18 so that I may enter them into the grade book. Thank you for your on-going support in your child’s education.

Week of November 27

Monday: Read in novel and answer comprehension questions.

Homework: Talk with Your Table. Write 2 paragraphs from the point of view of an object from home, using interview questions and responses. Due Friday: December 1.

Tuesday: Read in novel and answer comprehension questions.

Wednesday: Read in novel and answer comprehension questions.

Thursday: Read in novel and answer comprehension questions.

Friday: Kahoot quiz over chapters 1-20 and go to the media center.


Week of November 13

Monday: Students will work on reading novel and complete activity 2.4 on p. 104.

Tuesday: Students will work on reading novel and completing comprehension questions over chapters 6-11.

Wednesday: Writing workshop- students will work on using apostrophes correctly and closely analyze sentences.

Thursday: Reading workshop- Students will read chapters 11-16 and complete comprehension questions.

Friday: Spelling bee!

Week of November 6


Paragraph of the week:

Thank You Note

We have been blessed with many special gifts and talents. Perhaps it is the ability to sing or play a musical instrument. Perhaps it is athletic ability or the ability to be compassionate and kind. Think of the special gifts or talents that you possess. On the back of this paper make a list or create a web brainstorming these gifts. Next to each, give a reason why you are grateful for it.

Your assignment this week is to write a thank you note of at least one paragraph to someone for giving you, encouraging you, or teaching you a particular talent. Express your appreciation and tell why you particularly enjoy this talent or gift. You should be focusing on PURPOSE and IDEAS this week.


1. __ 5-8 sentences

2. __ correct letter format: heading, greeting, body, closing, signature

3. __ five areas of good writing: PURPOSE, direction, IDEAS, style, presentation

4. __ final copy neat, in ink, and headed properly

5. __ all three papers stapled together with final on top


Monday: Read chapters 1-4 of Walk Two Moons and Springboard Activity 2.3

Tuesday: Activity 2.4

Wednesday: Read Chapters 5-11 Walk Two Moons and Springboard Activity 2.5

Thursday: Activity 2.6

Friday: Finish Activity 2.6 in Springboard text. Read Chapters 12-16 Walk Two Moons

Week of October 30-November 3

Homework: Paragraph of the week. Please look over with your child and help them in the editing process. Two drafts must  be turned in-one rough draft and one final draft in blue or black ink. It may be typed. Due Friday.

Paragraph of the Week: For this week you will be writing a descriptive paragraph on Halloween. It will be due on Friday. Halloween makes us think of frightening entities and haunted houses. Brainstorm a list of things you would hear, see, touch, and smell in a haunted house. Then use the following topic sentence to start your paragraph:

Accepting the dare to enter the haunted house on Halloween night was not the wisest choice I had ever made, but I took a deep breath and pushed open the massive old doors.

Carefully describe what the interior of the house was like, your reactions to it and what might happen next.


  1. 10-15 sentences
  2. topic sentence/summary sentence
  3. notes taken (bubble map)
  4. finished final copy (blue/black ink or typed
  5. Signature of an adult, on this sheet who helped you proofread your work.
  6. Both pages (this page on top and final copy).

Monday and Tuesday: Finish Witches

Grades: Comprehension questions for units 10-21 and Test over Witches.

Wednesday: Begin Unit 2 in Springboard text

Thursday: Activity 2.2 in Springboard text

Friday: Activity 2.3 in Springboard text



Week of October 23, 2017

Monday- Read chapters 4-5 in The Witches by Roald Dahl; complete vocabulary and comprehension questions over these chapters

Homework: Paragraph of the week “Nice” What are some things that you consider nice? Make a list of these things. Do five good deeds for people this week. Write your paragraph about what you learned. Due on Friday.

Tuesday: Read Chapters 6-7; complete vocabulary and comprehension questions over these chapters

Wednesday: Read  Chapters 8-9: complete vocabulary and comprehension questions over these chapters

Thursday: Complete Vocabulary Review.

Friday: Test over chapters 1-9 vocabulary.

Week of October 16


Paragraph of the Week: Describe a Halloween activity in one paragraph. Due Friday October 20th.

Students’ short story due today.

Begin “The Witches” by Ronald Dahl Chapter 1


Tuesday: Chapter 2 of “The Witches”


Wednesday: Chapter 3 of “The Witches”


Thursday: Chapter 4 of “The Witches”


Friday: Chapter 5 of “The Witches”


The Week of October 9

Monday: Journal Topic: What makes a great teacher? Classwork, using page 91 in Springboard textbook as a guide, students are to write an original creative story. Students may work in groups to generate ideas and fill out graphic organizer.

Tuesday: Journal Topic: What is the difference between the bear and the raccoon? Students work on completing graphic organizer for their creative story. Chick-Fil-A night at East Lake/Roswell Road location. Come out to participate for the sixth grade spirit night. Don’t forget to tell the cashier you are with East Cobb.

Wednesday: Journal Topic: Why is it important that every child in the world goes to school? To be graded: Graphic organizer.  Students are to work on their rough draft using their graphic organizer as a guide. Mrs. Hosford will help edit papers and students will also peer edit each other’s stories.

Thursday: Journal Topic: What do you want to be when you grow up? What are you going to do to get there? Students will write or type their final paper today. Half Day today! Students will go home at 1:30!

Thursday Evening: Literacy Night from 6:00-7:30. Come have fun with your child! There will be karaoke, a cake walk, and other fun activities. Students will get a chance to buy books at the BOOK FAIR!

Friday: Journal Topic: Do you think one person can make a difference? BOOK FAIR! : )