The Week of May 7

Novel Study

Wonder- period 1


A Night Divided- periods 2 and 3

The Lightning Thief- period 4


Complete vocabulary for Chapters 31-36

Write the sentence the word is used in and underline it. Write the definition that matches the way it is used in the sentence.


Word Page # sentence definition
morbid 200
inevitably 204
ironically 204
rebellion 215
gurney 216
swindle 218
traitor 221
wavered 226
mortar 229
ferocity 236
devoured 240




Answer the questions in complete sentences.

  1. 1 What was the crisis in the tunnel that could have caused the tunnel to collapse? How does Fritz solve the problem? ___________________________________________________________________________
  2. How did Mama react when she heard about the tunnel?_______________________________________
  3. Why did Gerta need to get into Anna’s apartment?__________________________________________________________________________

4.What caused the dark spot in the Death Strip  that Gerta saw from Anna’s apartment? ______________

  1. What made Mama change her mind about escaping?________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________
  2. Were you surprised that Gerta’s mother changed her attitude about escaping? Explain your answer. _____












Week of April 16

Students are finishing up reading The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis. They are really enjoying it! Test on Wednesday over vocabulary from chapters 11-17, and the novel itself.

Begin Unit 4 and begin exploring Shakespeare’s life and work.

Week of March 19


Monday March 19

Students practice using the RACE method to answer the above write prompts. We will work on these prompts all week and it will count as a Project grade. Paragraphs will be graded on Friday.

Begin Chapter 1 of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

Students are encouraged to bring in a copy of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe from home and/or the local library


  1. parcels- small packages wrapped in paper.
  2. inquisitive- curious
  3. wireless- an old British radio
  4. air raids- an attack in which bombs are  dropped from a plane to the ground

Test tomorrow over the following phrases:

According to the text

According to the author

The author says

For example

For instance

__________ proves that


Tuesday, March 20

Chapter 2

  1. melancholy- a feeling of deep sadness
  2. stag- a male deer
  3. merely- just, only
  4. lulling- calming or sending someone to sleep
  5. wretched- very unpleasant or in bad condition

Read Chapter 2 and 3 if time permits

Complete  Amelia Earhart RACE paragraph (project grade)

Wednesday, March 21

Complete Benefits of Music RACE paragraph (project grade)

Chapter 3

  1. hoax- a trick
  2. spiteful- mean or full of hate
  3. groping- to  feel about or search blindly
  4. sulking- to be in a bad mood because one is annoyed  or disappointed


Thursday, March 22

Complete Making Millions RACE paragraph (project grade)

Chapter 4

  1. dominions- an area of land belonging to a ruler
  2. dreadful- causing great  fear or unhappiness, serious
  3. mantle- a loose sleeveless cloak or shawl
  4. snappishly- easily annoyed or made angry


Chapter 5

  1. coolly- calmly, without anxiety
  2. spectacles- glasses
  3. trippers- people who go on vacation, tourists
  4. alarming- worrying or disturbing


Friday, March 23

Test over Chapters 1-5 of Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

RACE paragraphs due (Project grade)

February 26th

Monday: Vocabulary SAT word of the day.  Tenacious- Tough; stubborn; not letting go. Homework: Study SAT words. Students read and discuss Social Networking’s Good and Bad Impacts on Kids found in Springboard books pages 210-122. Are social networking sites good for our society?

Tuesday: Surreptitious- done or acting in a secret, sly manner.(adjective). Homework: Study SAT words. Students work in cooperative groups to create a poster on either the pros or cons of social media. Posters should include a claim, counterclaim, rebuttal, reasons, evidence, and an image.

Wednesday: Gregarious– seeking and enjoying the company of others. Homework: Study SAT words.  Students finish working on posters from yesterday. Homework: Finish analyzing argumentative essays. Due  tomorrow.

Thursday: Pious- devout or virtuous.  Finish working on posters for  claim, counterclaim, rebuttal, reason, evidence, and visual images.

Friday: Scrupulous- careful of small details. Students take notes over ethos, pathos, and logos. Speed debating: students work in pairs to debate various issues given a 45 second time period. To be continued on Monday.

Quiz over SAT words on Tuesday!

Week of February 12

Homework: Study vocabulary for quiz on Wedneday,  February 14.

Study Guide- Quiz Wednesday February 14

  1. Voracious- an insatiable appetite for an activity or pursuit; eager to consume great amounts of food.
  2. Surreptitious- done or acting in a secret, sly manner.(adjective)
  3. Tenacious- Tough; stubborn; not letting go
  4. Copious- Abundant; plentiful
  5. Abduct- to kidnap or carry off by force.
  6. Emanate—To come out from
  7. Incognito—hiding one’s true identity, often using a disguise.
  8. Apprehensive—fearful about what may happen

Monday: Identify the claim that best supports the evidence.

Tuesday: Argumentative Writing. What is the the best candy? Write a five paragraph essay on your favorite candy. Give reasons and supporting evidence.

Wednesday: Quiz over vocabulary words (SAT words of the day). Finish up argumentative essay. Allow students to share their essays if time permits.

Thursday: Read “High School Football: Would a Pop Warner Ban Limit Concussions? p.186-188 Take notes for a debate over the following topic: Should youths be banned from participating in sports such as dodge ball, cheerleading, and football?

Friday: Class debate over the topic: Should youths be banned from participating in sports such as dodge ball, cheerleading, and football?

Week of January 29

Book Projects are due next Friday, February 9. Students were given a one page book report template to complete.

Homework: Students are to read and respond to a writing prompt using the RACE method.

Classwork: Read page p. 161-162, “Hampshire School for Wayward Wizards” and discuss as a class.

Look at emerging and proficient writing examples for Embedded Assessment 2; part 2 (found on p. 163-164).

SAT words to know this week:

  • Adept —-very skilled at something
  • Epiphany– a truth revealing moment.
  • Exhilarating—causing cheerful or lively feeling.
  • Apprehensive—fearful about what may happen
  • Incognito—hiding one’s true identify, often using a disguise.

Essay is due this Friday, February 2. Students will work on this embedded assessment in class.

January 22, 2018

Homework: Read  20-30 minutes at night

Classwork: P. 149-151 Read excerpt from “Marley and Me” in Springboard book.

Study Vocabulary Words:

  1. Equitable—fair, just
  2. Incredulous—showing an inability to believe something.
  3. Relentless- steady, constant
  4. Arduous — difficult
  5. Cordial- courteous and gracious; friendly; warm:
  6. Belligerent—eager to fight
  7. Devious– using underhanded methods, cunning, sly.