Week of March 20, 2017

Week at a Glance:

For the next couple of weeks, we will be reviewing concepts previously learned in preparation for the GA Milestones. Last week our focus was point of view.  This week our focus is argumentative writing.

Homework for this week due Friday, March 20. Write one to two paragraphs explaining what your favorite cookie is and why. Make sure to include a claim, 3 reasons/arguments why, a counterclaim, a sentence explaining why the counterclaim is wrong, and a concluding sentence.

Monday: Review Argumentative Writing

Warm Up: Students watch a video over argumentative essay, and write a paragraph answering the following question: What are the parts of an argumentative essay?

Students will read  over various passages and evaluate them for effectiveness. Students will rate each writing sample with a check, check plus, check minus, or 0.

Vocabulary: Hook, claim, evidence, counterclaim, conclusion.

Tuesday: Students will watch a video about how to write an argumentative essay. Students will write a paragraph restating what they learned in the video.

Warm Up:


Work Session: Finish evaluating passages for claim, hook, counterclaim from yesterday. Students will review the steps of RACE and practice using a Pixar animation. After, students will review argumentative vocabulary and complete a “Gab and Go Claim” activity. Finally, students will read the below article on school lunch periods and practice finding a claim and evidence to support that claim.

Short lunch periods don’t serve students’ needs

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday- Students will participate in argumentative review stations. The stations will review argumentative vocabulary, how to correctly cite evidence in an argument, how to write an effective counter-claim, and how to draft a strong claim statement.

Assignments due by Friday (3/20):

  • Weekly warm-up sheet
  • “Gab and Go Claim” activity
  • Argumentative review stations
  • RACE Pixar practice
  • Paragraph of the Week: The Greatest Cookie
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